About Us

Our history

Prestalib is a Spanish technological company created by young professionals passionate about libraries and technology that was born as a result of  research done hand in hand with the best libraries in the sector.

After four years, we saw the opportunity  to apply everything we had learned from them and combine this with our technological knowledge, managing to transform the concept of self-service machine for libraries into a more flexible, modern, versatile and economical system: the smartphone of self-service by Prestalib.

Since then, we haven’t stopped improving our system with the daily feedback of our customers, building a community amongst all Prestalib libraries to create new possibilities and features for the product and then offering them in periodic free updates.

Prestalib’s objective is to provide our customers with practical and innovative solutions that ease the management of self-service systems in libraries through the latest technology.

Our way of working

We know our clients first hand and we are concerned about their needs, worries and desires, adapting the best we can to every type of client, offering quick and effective solutions.

We are a young and accessible company. We try out best to resolve any client’s doubts and to solve their technological incidents in an effective way, as soon as possible.

Constant Innovation: we seek for the best solutions and software technologies that adapts every library’s requires, improving our products and innovating to make libraries users’ lives easier.

We are sustainable, we offer our products with the minimum waste production. We offer our services digitally whenever it’s possible.

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