Frequently Asked Questions

Is my library management system compatible with Prestalib?

Any library management system that has a self-service module is compatible with Prestalib. Our software is already working perfectly with the majority of the current library management systems. If you have any doubts on your system being compatible, contact us and we will gladly answer you.

How does the software identify library users?

Prestalib is capable of identifying users by barcodes and/or by RFID from physical or virtual library cards which users can show in their phones. In that way all the processes made will be done personally.

I’m interested, what should I do?

We will be with you through whole purchase process, making it a personalized experience for every library:

  1.  Contact us and we will make a real demo through videoconference to clear up all of your doubts.
  2.  We will connect with your library management system, personalize the software with your requirements and test it out with library cards and materials. When we are sure that everything is working properly we will give you all the devices ready to go.

Is Prestalib compatible with my RFID security gates?

Yes. Prestalib is compatible with all RFID security gates. We will set the software to turn off the alarm whenever a self-checkout is made and turn it on again when the material is returned.

How does the tech support work?

At Prestalib we are committed to being available to solve any issues as soon as possible and with the benefit of remote support. You won’t have to wait for a technician because we are able to resolve any issue from our office and update the software with the solution in minutes.

Can I hire your services from anywhere?

Yes. Our company provides our services wherever you are.

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