Free RFID encoding App for libraries

With Barcode to RFID recorder, you can encode the RFID tags from the material in your library quickly and easily. You just have to enter the value you want to record on the label manually or by reading the material’s barcode so that our App collects the information. Once you have entered the number to record, place the phone on the new RFID tag to encode it immediately.

It is specially designed for large coding processes where the app is downloaded by many phones and a group of people can code the materials at the same time with their mobile phones. It will considerably reduce the costs of the radiofrequency coding process in libraries.

  • You can choose the type of encoding (ISO)
  • Specially indicated for RFID implementation processes from barcodes.
  • Automatically detects the activation and deactivation values ​​of your RFID security gates to encode them in the new recordings.
  • Activate or deactivate the RFID alarm of the materials
  • Download it on several phones (the more the better) for large encryption processes

Download and Install the App

Available in Google Play Store

Scan the material's barcode

Or enter it manually

Place the phone over the RFID tag

And then the value will be recorded in the tag in a standard ISO format

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