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Benefits four your library

At Prestalib we want to offer you all of our experience and motivation to help you completely transform the functioning of your library. In this way, we will create an interactive experience that involves all of the library users through innovative software solutions.

We give you full security for the proper functioning of your system and our solutions. Before delivery , we configure and test them to assure they work perfectly when they arrive.

In addition, our technical support is available for you 24/7 providing remote assistance that will solve any issue as quickly as possible.

Cost Reduction

Significant savings compared to selfservice machines.

RFID Technology

RFID or Barcode material reading.

Versatile Format

Self-service for your library whenever and wherever you want.

Interactive Experience

Have your users take the reins of their library experience.


Self service for libraries


Libraries with Prestalib

“We launched Prestalib in December of 2017 and it has produced a 360 degree change in the functioning of our IE library. With the self check-out and return systems the users are completely independent, they can manage their materials in a quick, simple and even fun way.
Using the cell phone for this type of tasks provides a unique and innovative experience that will amaze the user. Prestalib synchronizes with our ILS in real time, so it's 100 % reliable when it comes to managing circulation: loans, returns, renewals, fines, activation and deactivation of book alarm, etc. Prestalib has changed the way of seeing see the library, as a technological and innovative space.

Henar Silvestre Ferradal. IE Library
Henar Silvestre Ferradal. IE Library



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